Ladder to Fruitlands
 Spending some time at the site, you may just see a freight pass behind the farmhouse.
 Site: Overlooking the Fruitlands Farmhouse where the Transcendentalist Fruitlands Experiment took place in 1843.  The Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA    http://www.fruitlands.org
  Ladder to Fruitlands  is made from painted steel. 6' 5"height x 2' 8" width at base which recedes to 3" width at top. 8' long steel rails lean at a 51 degree angle over the landscape towards the farmhouse.    Steel Fabrication: Dan Kendall  Special thanks to Nash Golon for structural advice.
  Ladder to Fruitlands  is part of the  Art in Nature  show juried by   Curator of Collections Michael Volmar,  Murray Dewart , of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, and Harvard artist  Linda Hoffman   at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA. 
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