Bucket of Birds

Bucket of Birds

Bucket of Birds

Images by Nabeela Vega

August 13, 2016

Fort Warren, Georges Island, Boston Harbor 

Materials: Buckets, video, plexi

Duration: 5 hours


Outside/ Inside were two site-specific performance art events that happened on Spectacle Island and Georges Island in Boston Harbor, curated by Alice Vogler, Dirk Adams, Jan Willett and Vela Oma.  

Bucket of Birds was part of INSIDE on Georges Island August 13, 2016. For five hours I roamed a passage of Fort Warren carrying two white buckets. As a viewer passed, I held out the buckets for them to peer in to view the video of birds pecking seed from below. The sound, like pop corn, echoed in the state passageways of Fort Warren. 

Images courtesy of Nabeela Vega